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Children's shoes wholesale
Children's shoes wholesale

Counterfeit products

Anti-counterfeiting is a priority in Weestep policy


For our part, we do our best to protect our brand, and combating the counterfeit goods both online and in retail is our top priority.

When you buy counterfeit products, you not only receive the substandard products, but also run the risk of demonstrating your support for illegal activities such as criminal networks and child labor.

We have a dedicated Intellectual Property Team that constantly monitors the internet and makes every effort to ensure that all fake Weestep products are removed from the websites. In addition, working closely with police and customs helps to ensure that counterfeit children’s shoes are detected before they appear on the market.


What you need to know when buying Weestep shoes online


We want you to be pleased with our brand.

To reduce the risk of fraud, when buying online, consider the following points, as they may indicate that the site is selling fake products:


  • Make sure the site is secure. You should see "https://" in front of the web address.
  • Insufficient contact information.
  • Language combination and Google translations.
  • Photos of shoes with a shoe box.
  • Links posted on the site do not work as expected.
  • You can see offers to buy wholesale at a big discount.
  • There is no order confirmation after the purchase of the product.


If you are unsure of any particular site, or have information about a site that sells fake Weestep, products, please contact our customer service sale@weestep.pl.

We take your inquiries and information very seriously.